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Raboso Doc Piave

Raboso Piave is a native vine variety and its presence in the lands of the river Piave has been supported by documentary evidence since the 1600s. It bears the well-deserved name "Piave", for both its historical origins and its continuous presence over the centuries in the land where this sacred river flows.
It is cultivated throughout the entire Trevisan plain, "on both sides of the river Piave".
Raboso Piave is a rustic vine variety, which ripens late, and is excellent for producing wines for ageing.
Its bunches are quite large and cylindrical in shape, with one or two prominent "wings". It is compact, with a strong woody stalk. Its grape is spherical, with a black-bluish very pruinose and tough skin. Its pulp is characteristic, with a neutral taste, slightly succulent, and sweet-acidulous-astringent.

Raboso, indigenous to the area, picked from vines grown in the best part of our vineyards (Parcel # 912) at Carboncine, Roncade.


"Rabbioso" is a "passito" wine made from 100% Raboso Piave grapes during various harvest times (2004-2005-2006). Generally, the harvest period varies from mid-October to mid-November, depending on the weather conditions. The grapes are selected, hand-picked and placed in 4-5 kilos boxes and finally stored in a room suitable for the withering.
The Raboso Passito is pressed during the first months of the year following the harvest. The yield of the total harvest is between 20 and 30%.
The semi-dried grapes are stripped and steeped for 15-20 day, after which the Passito is refined in barrels until it is ready to be bottled.
The label’s design is the reproduction of a work of Luigi Rincicotti, one of the most famous contemporary Italian artists. Born in Fano, August 1941, he has been a resident of Roncade for the past several years.
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