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Prosecco Brut

Prosecco Brut



Grape: white
Variety: Glera 100%
Production area: Grave di Papadopoli
Municipality: Cimadolmo - Italy
Year of plantation: 1991
Planting density: 2,850 vines per hectare
Yield: 12,000 kg/ha
Yield per plant: 4.20 kg/vine
Plant spacing: 2.80 x 1.25
Size: 8,00 ha
Growing system: Sylvoz
Soil type: predominantly “skeleton” with a percentage of sand/silt
Harvesting period: last ten days in September
Harvesting: mechanically

of grapes by spiral conveyor and destalking-crushing machine to the press
Fining: static cold
Fermentation vat: stainless steel tanks
Fermentation temperature: 16/18°C
Yeasts: selected
Fermentation period: 8/10 days
Malolactic fermentation: no
Sparkling process: base wine is placed in an autoclave and yeasts are added to allow the second fermentation to take place (Charmat method)
Maturation period: short, in steel
Bottling: follows sparkling process


Name: Prosecco Doc Treviso Brut
Alcohol by volume: 11.45 %.
Residual sugar: 7.50 g/l
Total acidity: 5.50 g/l.
pH: 3.27


Serving temperature: 6/8°C

Foam: fading gently.
Perlage: fine and persistent.
Colour: pale straw yellow.
Nose: intense, with crusty bread and yeast predominant. Fruity component follows with green apple while a delicate hint of white flowers provides the floral component.
Palate: pleasant, light, fresh, smooth-flowing with a distinct lemony acidity. Well-balanced, with a dry, sapid and persistent finish.
In the kitchen: recommended with fish dishes or pasta and rice dishes containing white meat. Excellent as an apéritif.


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